Sipsee® enables the user to easily avoid wasting their own bottled beverage by maintaining its identity among all other identical disposable drink containers. When individuals “save a sip,” they save for their own drinking pleasure and potentially save money otherwise unnecessarily spent purchasing additional bottled beverages; therefore, they collectively put less waste into our overall ecosystem.

Thinking about saving the world’s natural resources can be overwhelming to any of us; however, using the Sipsee® is just one simple way we can all do our small part by saving one sip at a time. And when it comes to water, perhaps our most limited vital resource, it’s important to not waste good, clean water that is in our drinking bottles, regardless of the type of beverage.

Sipsee® specifically addresses the following concerns:

  • Sanitation – Using the wrong bottle results in drinking someone else’s saliva.

  • Expense – The cost adds up when we grab new beverage bottles before finishing previously opened bottles. The cost of one Sipsee® is very quickly offset by the savings realized when fewer bottles are purchased.

  • Waste – Extra bottles are often thrown away with a portion of the contents remaining. Throwing out a half-full bottle wastes the contents and the bottle itself. The material in one Sipsee® is significantly less than the material wasted when an unfinished bottle is thrown out.

There is a negative ripple effect that occurs on the environment and pocketbook when we unnecessarily open additional bottles. Sipsee® is a convenient and fun way to address these concerns!