Point Loma couple earn accolades for customizable, sustainable bottle stopper Read more: San Diego Community News Group – Point Loma couple earn accolades for customizable sustainable bottle stopper

Stop me if this sounds familiar.

You’re at party on the beach. All your friends are here, and plastic bottles crowd the table. You crack open a drink and take a sip, but set it down when your friend calls you over for a game of volleyball. Later, you return to the table to find…


Company See Big Opening For Reusable Bottle Stoppers

The first product created by a Point Loma husband-and-wife team – a more identifiable reusable, recyclable bottle stopper – is scheduled to appear for sale at the University of San Diego this fall.

Daniel L. Garcia, chief executive of the company, Garcia Hanson Innovations Inc. (GHI), served for 26 years as a U.S. Navy officer.


Missys Product Reviews

Sipsee comes in a variety of colors from Limited Edition Black Case, Limited Edition Blue Case, Limited Edition Green Case, Limited Edition White Case and more. You also can get stickers to custom the top I got Snowflake, Blank Green, and a Football.

My Opinion: These are the perfect size for glass bottles or anything…


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Customizable Bottle Stopper

Sipsee is a BPA-free, portable and customizable bottle stopper that fits into many sizes of bottles. The patented, reusable unit is a fun way to identify bottles while conserving water and reducing plastic waste. The bottle stopper can be personalized and comes with a sanitary case that can be attached to…



Let your personality show while reducing waste with this bottle stopper designed to fit many sizes of plastic, glass and aluminum bottles. (water, juice, sports drinks, beer, wine etc.) The unique system allows you to carry it with you at all times (e.g., on a keychain or with a carabiner) while protecting it from dirt…