Our Vision:

To inspire the interdependence of healthy humans and vibrant systems.

We believe we can improve people’s lives, our organizations, the environment and the world overall through business. Founded in 2015, our purpose is to create and deliver products and services with a socially conscious perspective. We know you want to interact with a company that strives to think beyond itself and operates with the highest of integrity.

Simply put, we believe the purpose of business is not to solely make a profit. Our objective is to be a “Force for Good” by incubating and designing creative, responsible and sustainable solutions and practices, giving our customers a way to positively contribute to society and value the interconnected, complex ecosystem in which we all live.

As a California Benefit Corporation, we will also donate a portion of our profits to a worthy charitable organization.


Sipsee® is a patented product of GHI, Inc., whose mission is to consciously generate practical yet creative solutions for distinct challenges to enrich how people function individually and collectively.

Veteran-owned and Woman-owned Business